Welcome to my site!

I'm a teen hacker with a passion for FOSS software, retro tech and tinkering. I'm pretty sure I'm neurospicy (auDHD), so please be pacient when talking to me, and tell me if I'm too annoying or if I say something inaproppriate ^^

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My IRC is graphite on 2600.

My Matrix is @ultra:beeper.com. I haven't switched to graphite on beeper.com, because if I'll go through the hassle of swapping accounts, I might as well just self-host. Which I tried, but Caddy refuses to reverse-proxy Synapse :p
Update: I got it to work! I'm now @graphite:gra.phite.ro.

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Stuff I find interesting

How to fix nextcloud not logging in


h-card: Alex S.